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A mobile coffee solution, providing premium barista coffee at your convenience



Our response to COVID -19

WokeCoffeeBar has been closed since 27 March 2020, in compliance with the national lockdown. The COVID-19 pandemic is providing us, as a nation with yet another opportunity to unite for a common cause and put away our differences as we face a common enemy together.

We have always been committed to the safety and hygiene of our staff and guests and are pleased to announce that WokeCoffeeBar will be open once again for delivery only from 04 May.

The following additional measures will be put into place:

  • All staff will undergo training on various regulations and protocols including those recommended by the World Health Organization and the South African Government to stop the spread of COVID-19.

  • All staff and drivers will be screened for flu-like symptoms at the beginning of each shift and during operation. Staff that record symptoms will be isolated and immediately sent for follow up testing.

  • All staff will wash and sanitize their hands every 30 minutes for 20 seconds and/or as required.

  • All staff will wear face masks and gloves at all times.



Coffee is a daily ritual for most people. To us coffee is not just coffee, it’s an experience filled with emotions, enjoyed with family, friends, colleagues or just by yourself. It’s an occasion to be celebrated from your wake me up in the morning or on the go to connecting with colleagues, friends or business associates. Over the past few years South Africa has experienced tremendous growth in our café culture and discerning coffee drinkers are demanding better quality coffee. This has led to trend conscious consumers looking for unique coffee experiences and this is what Woke provides.


Woke is a premium mobile coffee solution for office parks. We believe every office has the right to barista coffee. Our artisan coffee blends are roasted locally in small batches by our independent roasters in the most optimal way to ensure that the best flavour profile is consistently achieved.

After the bean, the next important element in making the perfect cup of coffee is the barrister.

Our barristers are trained by the previous winner of the All African Barrister Championship

Our aim is to create a European themed sidewalk café in every office park by turning vacant unused space into an attractive mobile coffee stop. This brings convenient sophisticated premium coffee to your building at zero cost to the landlord, making your office park more attractive to current and potential tenants.


Our baristas are trained by a previous winner of the All African Barista Championship


No additional space or fitout required


Cost to landlord


Enhancing the attractiveness of office parks




Whatsapp : 076 238 4277

Thanks! Message sent.

Whatsapp orders only available to the following office parks in Epsom Downs:

St Andrews

The Oval

Espom Downs Office Park

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